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Your Passenger Rights

Europe has been leading the way in advocating for passenger rights, and last week the European Commission announced the release of an app (available for Android, iPhone and iPad, Blackberry, and Windows) to check your rights immediately on the spot. The app is available in 22 European languages and applies to both flights and train trips.

The app is not just for residents of Europe — anyone on a flight departing from or arriving to an EU airport, or traveling by train within Europe, has rights covered by the app.

The app covers passenger rights for air and rail travel, from buying tickets and transparent information on flight prices, through to lost luggage and disability rights.

I have been on dozens of delayed trains in Europe, and have filed many forms requesting refunds and compensation. In my experience, many European train companies have forms that can be downloaded and submitted online and the option for reimbursement to be sent to an international bank account. In the EU a delay of 60-119 minutes will result in 25% compensation, and a 50% return for a delay of more than 120 minutes, with some exceptions.


Image courtesy of Europa