Traveling with your smartphone 101

At Roverly we believe that smartphones, cellular phones, tablets, and other mobile devices can enhance your travel experience. With so many choices out there though, sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose a phone, service provider, and optimizing your phone for travel.

Here is our simple guide to enhancing your travel experience with a mobile device.

Before You Go!

When you start planning your trip, it’s a good idea to check that your phone will work at your destination, and choose a service plan that meets your travel needs.

Step 1: Find a mobile phone, smartphone, or tablet that’s best for traveling

If you are planning on traveling internationally, there are a few essentials questions you need to answer about your phone, or check the specs of the phone, smartphone or tablet you are planning on purchasing for your trip. More on choosing a phone

Step 2: Compare cellular and data services

We’ve all heard horror stories about returning from an international trip to an exorbitant phone bill full of roaming charges. What are roaming charges? Data packages? More on choosing a provider

On the Go!

There are also lots of fun ways to use your phone while you’re traveling.

Step 3: Optimize your smartphone for international use

Now that you have your phone sorted out, and your roaming plan, there are some important tips to help you optimize how you use your smartphone while traveling internationally. More on optimizing your phone

Step 4: Use some travel apps

The fun part. Cool new travel apps are being published all of the time to help with virtually any travel need. The hard part is keeping up with them all, but we’ll give you a hand with that. View our latest app reviews

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